Thank you for purchasing the GameChanger Game Board for iPad.

Before returning this product to the store for any reason, please review the following FAQs and information carefully.

Or: send an email with your questions to support@boardgamechanger.com

We will answer your questions within 24 hours.


To avoid any damage to your iPad, the GameChanger has been made of the same soft material as your iPad .  This material can fold. Place the skins on top of the GameChanger, aligning them with all corners.  Once powered up, the game app will show up immediately on your iPad. A  step-by-step tutorial will explain  how the games work. If you stop playing, you can continue the same game later.. The app is included in your purchase.


Does my GameChanger work with iPad and iPad2, 3, mini and 4?
Yes, your GameChanger works with iPad and iPad2 the exact same way. To use the GameChanger with the iPad mini, you need a special adapter wich you can order here. Unfortunately the GameChanger does not work with the iPad 4. 

How do I get the GameChanger app?
Once you have connected your GameChanger with your iPad for the first time, the iPad shows a pop-up message to open the App Store. Please confirm this message to visit the App Store. This will lead you to the download page of the app where you will see the ‘Free’ button under the GameChanger logo on the left. This is just like installing any other app.

The pop-up doesn't show when I connect my iPad to the GameChanger, What do I do now?
To get the app, open the 'App Store' application on yu iPad and search for 'Game Changer'. On your computer you can find the app here.

Is the GameChanger app free of charge?
Yes, the GameChanger app is free. You only need to download it once.

What does the app show me?
The app shows you all of the games available for your GameChanger: now and in the near future. New games will show up immediately when they are released. Touch the title of the game you want to play.

Can the GameChanger damage my iPad?
There is absolutely no chance the GameChanger can damage your iPad. Handle with care, and simply click your iPad in the GameChanger into the iPad the same way as you click a charger in your iPad.

Of what material is the GameChanger made?
The GameChanger is made of a soft material like your iPad cover. This material has been chosen to avoid any chance of scratches on you iPad. Because of this their might be a slight chance of your GameChanger having amall bubbles on the folding lines. This is nothing to worry about as it does not effect play.

The GameChanger app doesn't open by itself when I connect it to my iPad, what do I do now?
You can also open the app by tapping the GameChanger application on the home screen of you iPad, Just like opening any other application on your iPad. In case the app says 'GameChanger not connected.' please refer to the next question.

What can I do when my GameChanger doesn’t work?
Check you internet connection. Make sure your iPad is fully charged. Click your iPad securely into the GameChanger. Press on on your iPad. The game titles will show up. If not, charge your iPad. If it still doesn't work, you can try restarting the iPad. Do this by holding the lock button on top of your iPad for 5 seconds. Then slide the red button at the top of the screen to the right. Now wait until the loading indicator dissapears, then press and hold the lock button again until the apple appears.

What should I do when the GameChanger app is frozen and doesn't react anymore?
Try restarting the application. Do this by pressing the 'home' button at the bottom of your iPad to go back to your home screen. Then press the home button quickly two times. A menu slides up from the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the GameChanger app icon and tap the red 'minus' button. Now press the 'home' button again and reopen the app.

What if the iPad doesn’t notice the playing parts?
Your GameChanger works because of the 48 pressure fields. Press softly with your pawn when you move it over the skins on the board.

When do I need to go back to the store?
Still not working? Your GameChanger might be defective. Send an email to support@boardgamechanger.com or go back to the store from wich you purchased it.

Can I charge my GameChanger?
No, you cannot charge your GamerChanger. Energy is supplied by your iPad.

Does the GameChanger charge my iPad?
No it doesn't. You should charge you iPad with the charging cable provided with the iPad. Make sure your iPad is properly charged when you play a game!

When will new games come out?
New games will be in the App store by the end of November 2011. You will be informed automatically through the GameChanger app. 

How do I learn how to play the game?
A dynamic step-by-step tutorial in every game. It explains how to play the games. You can disable or enable this tutorial at any time by tapping the question mark in the game.

Where do I keep my GameChanger?
Keep the GameChanger in the box after playing.

Of what material are the playing skins made?
The playing skins are made of a corrugated cardboard material. This material works the best with the pressure fields. Do not fold the skins! Simply place them on top of the GameChanger. Make sure they fit tighty in the corners.

What if they fall of the board during playing?
No problem, your iPad knows where you are at in the game, so you can always place pawns back in their original positions on the board.

Have fun with your GameChanger. Any more questions?





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